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200 Runners and 90 Pups

The event was a great success, with around 200 runners, and 90 pups, with even more event attendees.

Raised close to $7,000

We held our inaugural Pet-Friendly Fun Run on 23 May 2021 and raised a total of $6416.20, despite the pandemic scare.

Supporting local businesses

COVID-19 has significantly impacted local businesses, and this event allowed participants to meet and interact with pet business owners.

Brand Exposure:  The 2021 Kodi’s Paw-a-Thon attracts a large variety of pet lovers and owners, with an expected 500 people through out the event.

Any organisation or brand with a desire to develop and raise their profile and grow their business should consider exhibiting at Kodi’sPaw-a-Thon.

The diverse nature of the Festival and the broad range of solutions sought by a large number of attendees opens the event to exhibitors from a variety of industries–fulfilling needs with in the dog niche.


See the fun

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1 Increase Brand Exposure


We will actively market your brand from signup till the end of the event. We will also in clude your brand in our marketing collateral for further brand exposure

2 Multiple Event Attractions 


The event has been organised to include multiple attraction and engagements through out the day (eg: pet adoption zone, pet games) to keep the audience at the location for a longer time

3 Print and Digital Media Exposure 


Through our various marketing strategies, webring your brand to life through print and digital exposure

4 Higher Event Attendance


We anticipate a higher event turnout than our previous event, including a higher event runners and attendance

5 Access to Target Audience


We provide exclusive access to your potential customers, allowing you to collect leads, expand your database and make sales on the day

6 Sell your Products and Services Marquee


We provide a platform for you to sell your products and services to a buy ready market

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If you are a business that would like representation at our event, we would love to have you

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Space Hire

3 x 2 space at the event

Only for illustration purposes.


Food Truck Hire

3 x 2 space at the event

Only for illustration purposes

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Marquee Hire

3 x 2 space

1x Table and Chair

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Table Hire

3 x 2 space

1x Table and Chair Hire



Express your Interest. One of our event members will contact you with more information.