Australian Basset Hound Races

Kodi’s Paw-A-Thon are hosting the Australian Basset Hound Races. 

Basset Hounds are not known for their speed or agility or even their willing cooperation but they will once again wear their colours and jockeys to compete in a 40 metre dash and try to win a ribbon or even the trophy. Hilarious to watch and hopefully not too many Bassets will lose their way to the finishing line, they are sure to provide much free entertainment for all.

Recently our Bassets were seen on TV with Dr Harry of Better Homes and Gardens on the 24th June when they donned their Sailor hats and tried to join the Navy at Williamstown and board the HMAS Castlemaine.

And they also recently featured in the Herald Sun & Leader Newspapers when they also had a walk at Dendy Beach, Brighton where they proudly wore their Lifesaver caps and met some real Lifesavers.

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These Bassets have eventful times and are often seen around Melbourne in a group enjoying a leisurely walk with their owners and receiving much attention from the adoring public.

And this is an important race on their calendar year, being Bassets they will each run at their own pace.

Who will be the new Champion and take the title from Speedie Edie the current title holder? Will they all reach the finishing line? One thing is guaranteed – it’s a lot of fun!

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