Hip & Joint Powder – 90 scoops

Hip & Joint Powder – 90 scoops


Petz Park Hip + Joint Powder Supplement For Dogs is designed to promote healthy joints and mobility for dogs with common joint related problems such as arthritis, hip dysplasia and growing pains in dogs.

Hip + Joint is a joint supplement for dogs designed to help with common joint related problems such as arthritis, hip dysplasia and growing pains. 🐶

It has shown benefits to dogs displaying signs of joint diseases such as:

  • Difficulty getting up after lying down
  • Lameness in one or more legs
  • Difficulty climbing stairs
  • Unwillingness to exercise
  • Irritation when touched or petted

Every scoop of this grain free hip and joint supplement helps to improve and maintain joint health in puppy, adult and senior dogs.  


Searching for the best joint supplement for dogs?

🐕 GLUCOSAMINE: Hip + Joint for Dogs contains the best ingredients known to promote joint health. Glucosamine for dogs helps to restore joints and deter discomfort caused by arthritis and hip dysplasia in dogs. 

❌ MSM: This dog supplement for arthritis includes large amounts of MSM, a natural anti-inflammatory. The high quantities of this ingredient makes Hip + Joint very unique and effective. By reducing inflammation in your dog’s joints, you can help leave your doggie pain free from their joint related issue.

🔥 CHONDROITIN: A major requirement in joint cartilage, Chondroitin helps to stimulate cartilage growth and elasticity, ensuring adequate shock absorption and nourishment to the joints. 

🦴 JOINT HEALTH: Ingredients used in this product are known to lubricate dog’s joints and repair cartilage that has been worn down as a result of ageing, arthritis, hip dysplasia or even trauma. This formula also aims to support dogs as they grow to minimise their growing pain. We want to help you keep your dog running like a youngster by maintaining the health of their joints.

🇦🇺 MADE IN AUSTRALIA: Hip and Joint is manufactured right here in Australia. This powerful formula is suited to dogs of all ages, breeds and sizes and is grain free. Check out our dog joint supplement reviews below!


List of ingredients: Glucosamine HCL, Methylsulfonylmethane (MSM), Chondroitin (Sulfate), Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid), Grape Seed Extract, Manganese (Sulfate), L-Glutathione, Vitamin E, Dextrose, Fumed Silica, Roast Beef Flavour, Natural Woodsmoke.

Active ingredients per scoop:

Active Ingredients per scoop Amount
Glucosamine HCl 800mg
Methylsulfonylmethane (MSM) 400mg
Chondrotin (Sulfate) 400mg
Vitamin C 100mg
Grape Seed Extract 5mg
Manganese (Sulfate) 2.5mg
L-Glutathione 2mg
Vitamin E 25 IU

Directions For Use

  • Mix recommended dosage (see chart below) in wet or dry food daily.
  • 1 heaped scoop (including in packet) holds approximately 2 grams.

Dosage and administration:

Dog’s Weight Dosage Levels
0-11kgs 1/2 scoop daily
11-27kgs 1 scoop daily
27-36kgs 2 scoops daily
Over 36kgs 3 scoops daily

How long will a pouch last at the maintenance level?

Dog’s Weight 45 Scoops – 90g 90 Scoops – 180g 180 Scoops
0-11kgs 13 weeks 26 weeks 52 weeks
11-27kgs 6 weeks 13 weeks 26 weeks
27-36kgs 3 weeks 6 weeks 12 weeks
Over 36kgs 2 weeks 4 weeks 8 weeks

Safety Information

  • No known contraindications.
  • The safety of this product has not been established in pregnant or lactating animals.
  • If your animal’s condition worsens or does not improve, discontinue use and contact your vet.

Storage Advice

  • Store below 30 degrees C.
  • Protect from moisture, direct sunlight and heat.


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