Milu’s Story

Milu’s Story


This is the story about my dog, Milu who suffered a lot of from cancer. These are sad stories but that’s why our society should pay more attention to cancer, isn’t it?

My dog was diagnosed with bowel cancer last year, and his body was tooweak to undergo surgery. Animals cannot talk, they will keep silenceeven though they are painful. The pet medicine is now well developed inmy hometown; therefore we missed the best time for treatment. Sadly, my dog, Milu passed away. My parents decided to euthanize him. Since then, my family has grieving over the loss of a family member. My dadcould not accept a new dog because he was still suffering from the loss of Milu. Our life is the same as before, but cancer has taken away my Milu forever.

I hope I can contribute for this project to raise awareness of the impactcancer has on us. It stolen the one who we loved and makes patient sun bearable pain. I hope our medical science can make further progress and conquer this disease in the future. There are some pictures of Milu. The last one is he doing treatment after the illness, very thin but still strong. We miss him so much 😢