Mustafa’s Story

Mustafa’s Story


My dog has been part of my family since I was 10. It was my first dog, I was happy to have a dog to take care of. He had a crazy personality, he would most of the time be lovely. However, sometimes he acted like a psycho (biting, barking for no apparent reason etc.). We shared many Christmas and celebrations.

Unfortunately, 7 months ago he was diagnosed with malignant cancer. The vet tried different approaches and medications. But due to the cancer’s nature, it’s spread quickly over the system. My mom had to take the final decision to suppress him. It has been a tough decision, but in perspective it is the most loving action that we can for them. Avoid unnecessary pain. It is ironic, because we always think that cancer affects other people and animals not close to us.

Until one day we become part of the others affected by it. It changed my perspective and approach about multiple issues that are not affecting me at the moment. Maybe we are here to give voice to those who are tired of fighting an inner battle alone.